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Help Is Within Reach

Personalized hypnosis teaching conveniently provided virtually, wherever you are. 

Meet Caroyl Gilbert


Hi, I’m Caroyl Gilbert and I’ve been a nurse for more than twenty years and a pediatric nurse practitioner for more than thirteen years.  I came to nursing from a desire to help people, especially children and their families.  While working in pediatric gastroenterology, I became intrigued by the research showing how effective hypnosis is at helping children with abdominal pain.  After obtaining hypnosis training, I started teaching hypnosis to my patients and seeing for myself how well it works.  Now, I am following my passion for hypnosis and helping others by providing hypnosis teaching to adults and children for a variety of issues.  I look forward to showing you how hypnosis helps.

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What I Specialize In

Academic Performance 

Child Birth


Stress & Anxiety Management

Pain Management

Dental Procedure Anxiety

Warm Up on the Beach

Hypnosis is a Journey Towards Self Empowerment. Start Your Journey Today. 

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