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Hypnosis for Medical Procedures

Medical procedures have become a common part of health screening, maintenance and prevention. If

you’re an adult, colonoscopies, upper endoscopies and mammograms are either in your life currently or are in your future. Even children sometimes need testing and procedures associated with illness or

trauma treatment. Why not prepare now so that any future procedure, test or surgery can be tolerated easily and without discomfort? Hypnosis can help you feel comfortable and relaxed before, during and after procedures, tests or surgery (Trials 2020; 21:330. Can hypnosis and virtual reality reduce anxiety, pain and fatigue among patients who undergo cardiac surgery: a randomized controlled trial). Hypnosis can also provide increased comfort and pain management during and after. Taking the time to learn how to use hypnosis now can provide a lifetime of comfortable and stress-free interaction with healthcare.

Don’t dread going to the doctor, lab work, testing or procedures. Learn how to feel empowered with hypnosis, book a session today!

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