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Addressing Common Misconceptions about Hypnosis

There are a lot of commonly held beliefs about hypnosis that simply are not true. The most frequently encountered misconception is that hypnosis is mind control. It is easy to understand how people would believe this when you look at how hypnosis is portrayed in movies, television shows and on the stage.

The Truth About Hypnosis

The truth is that hypnosis utilizes trance, which is a naturally occurring phenomenon that allows the mind and body to work well together. You’ve probably experienced trance when driving long distances (“road trance”), when engaged in physical activity such as long-distance running, gardening, or biking; or when you are working and “get in the zone”. However, trance is not mind control. Even in trance, there is always a part of your mind that is monitoring your environment and working to keep you safe. You are always in control. So, if you’re in trance while driving and a car goes by dangerously close, you come out of trance immediately and take corrective action.

Even stage hypnotists are not exerting mind control. They carefully select their participants from the

audience by asking for volunteers (i.e., people who have given you permission to help them achieve

trance) and then selecting only those volunteers who prove, through certain “tests” administered on

stage, to be highly suggestible. They then proceed with the stage performance by only offering

suggestions, not directions, to the volunteers. The stage hypnotists are simply very good at making the performance look like they are in control. The volunteer is always free not to participate.

Online Hypnosis Resources

There are several online resources that do a good job of explaining and demonstrating hypnosis, including several TED talks. One talk that you might find helpful to watch is How hypnosis can positively change your beliefs” by Lucas Handwerker.

If you want to experience hypnosis, the TED talk “Hypnosis + Music = hyp-note-therapy” by James

Giunta is very enjoyable and a good introduction to practicing self-hypnosis.

As you learn more about hypnosis, what it is and what it is not, you may want to learn how to use hypnosis for yourself. Visit to learn more about hypnosis and to book an appointment today.

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